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Jam Wild is a physics based platformer. You control a sentient jar of jelly and must make your way to the holy piece of bread before time runs out! Reach the bread in this incongruent adventure!

Install instructions

Extract the JAM WILD folder out from the .zip folder...


WASD - Movement

Mouse - Camera Movement

Space - Jump

R - Restart Character

Escape - Open Pause Menu


JAM WILD v1.0.2.zip 30 MB

Development log


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I got to said that after playing your game it has some promising potential. Here are my four suggestions that may help your game based on the feedback. The first suggestion include obstacle like ramps, or add plates or books to represent as platform.  The second suggestion is to add large character eyes on the jar to give it personality.  Also increase the size of the jelly jar a little because it looks more like a medicine jar than jelly jar.  The next suggestion is added an Accelerate button. The concept for it is nothing only for reaching an area quicker, but for higher jump from platforms and ramps. The last suggestion when falling to the ground have the jar not only breaks but start over the game until game over. Hope these suggestions help and if you like you can check out my game for feedback. Thanks.  

Thanks for the feedback, and the critique. This is my first time making a platformer so a lot of rules on how to make it are not second nature to me yet (nor am I a great level designer).

If I do get back to working on the game I will most likely polish it up a ton and add more features (including better level design), but this was a bit of a rush to finish it in time for a game jam. The ideas you brought to me are actually really good, including the jar breaking after falling from a certain height (I did mess around with it a bit but couldn't get it to work exactly the way I wanted).

If it does get an update the very first thing to be added will be googly eyes. It's a must now.

No problem, and best of luck on the your game.